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Make Ticino Your Home Away from Home
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Are you a Voyager, Explorer, Geographer, or Groundbreaker? 

Moving to Switzerland is a beautiful opportunity for growth. On the other hand, settling in can raise many questions about the next steps for your family. Please contact us to learn whether you are a Voyager, Explorer, Geographer, or Groundbreaker and select which of the four levels of support is the right plan for you and your family to adjust to your new life comfortably.

Find a New Hobby in Ticino

Leaving behind those organic support structures such as family, friends, and peers can be a real challenge for both adults and children. It can be helpful to ease the transition period by finding hobbies, taking up sports, or joining a dance class. Ticino is filled with exciting opportunities for newcomers of all ages to the area, so let us help find a course or activity here in Ticino. We can help connect you with courses or tutors in a variety of languages-perhaps even a language course that helps keep you connected to home. 


We are also happy to help locals find a new apartment or purchase a home in Ticino. Relocation Services include an orientation tour, schooling, daycare support, home search (expert local contacts) temporary housing, medical references, language and cross-cultural support, departure procedures, liaison/ translation services, and more.

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