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++Archetype: Crossroads on Relocation and Organization... Why is Personal Space So Important?

Why is having a proper workspace so important? Children and adults demonstrated that they could adapt to almost any setting during the pandemic and get work done. On the other hand, some work situations were not as productive as they could have been, and we found a great deal of fallout after the pandemic. Many families complained that students did not get an excellent online education and that some lost an entire year of schooling. Some of those situations were better than others, but if offices had been set up better before the pandemic, then we would have been better prepared for the difficult years of quarantine ahead. Hindsight is twenty-twenty...

Essential elements of a productive study zone by creating privacy, good lighting, and making it comfortable.

Your home study space should be reserved just for studying or working. DO NOT try to learn in the kitchen or living room because it will be very distracting and usually noisy. A quiet room with classical music playing is a better alternative. The ideal privacy should also mean that you cannot be reached by phone. When studying, the phone can be an enormous source of distraction. Instead, try to schedule calls for your breaks or when you are finished with your work. Be sure to have a charging station that enables you to connect easily for those long hours ahead.

Humans love natural light. Select a room with a window for sunshine or investigate the proper lighting for you. Do not underestimate sunlight's power as a source of warmth and vitality. Eye strain is often caused by focusing on a computer screen for too long in a poorly lit room. Also, position the light behind you for reading and elevate your laptop and books, so you are not straining your neck while studying.

Comfort is paramount for keeping focused while getting your work done. The best chairs offer ergonomic support and keep your feet flat on the floor with your knees at 90-degree angles. In addition, of course, your arms are vital players and should give you support while you rest them on the table to help you type without stress. If you do not have space for a desk, you can have one designed for an unused corner or built into a wall to fold away after your study season. While at your desk, consider using essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, and peppermint oils to help increase relaxation, concentration, and retention.

If you make your home study/work space personal, then it can bring you great satisfaction. Touches such as adding a favorite color, a unique motto, or some plants can help put you in a good mood as you enter the space. In addition, staying organized is fundamental to keeping up with your studies. Slowly building a filing system and putting your materials back where they are easy to find for the next time can make your life easier! What do you think? Please feel free to add your thoughts...

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