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Teaching Across the Curriculum
(CEFR Levels A1-C2)
Over 30 Years of Classroom Experience


Founded in 2009, Archetype teaching services have provided students with English language and organizational support across the curriculum and school divisions. 


Teaching and Support 

I have acquired skills in all aspects of teaching in various capacities in school operations over the past 30 years. My experience includes developing and implementing the curriculum, teacher training, office administration, test supervision, test coordination, EFL Support teacher, English Literature teacher from ages 6-21, and support teacher for differently-abled students. Moreover, I have worked as a classroom teacher for most of these 30 years, and I know the job's demands well.

Teaching Across the Curriculum

From the start of the Covid-19 crisis, I worked online and in presence as an English Language and Literature teacher, student advisor, and tutor. My work online requires excellent skills in coordinating lessons, homework, and teaching classes. At Archetype, I am committed to providing courses that fit every skill level and background and infuse my supportive and innovative teaching approach. I also offer a Beginning Italian course (A1) Language & Life. Contact me today for an appointment to learn more about my services. 

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